Commercial Credit

Lines of Credit

A BankFlorida Line of Credit provides financing for your company's short term and seasonal needs. Gain immediate access to cash that will allow you to take trade discounts, carry receivables, purchase inventory or for seasonal growth and more.

  • Interest rates generally tied to Prime with maturities of 12 months
  • Rates and fees are based on the customer's overall banking relationship with BankFlorida

Term Loans

BankFlorida provides term loans to meet longer term financing needs such as equipment purchases, leasehold improvements, and a variety of other needs.

  • Fixed or variable interest rates, LTV ratios as high as 75%, maturities of up to 7 years.
  • Rates and fees are based on overall banking relationships

Commercial Mortgage Loans

BankFlorida commercial real estate loans are ideal for long-term financing of owner-occupied or investor commercial real estate. These loans are used to purchase a property or to refinance an existing mortgage. We have options for long-term permanent financing or intermediate term bridge loans.