Treasury Management

Our full line of commercial depository products — ranging from business checking accounts to high yield money markets and certificates to target low balance or zero balance accounts — are supported by a designated relationship banker for the best service experience possible. Multiple account relationships can be consolidated in order to increase efficiency and control disbursements to a single account.

Our treasury management services are designed to help improve your business cash flow and provide instant access to account information. Our treasury management services include the following:
  • Treasury Management Banking Platform 
  • Positive Pay
  • Wire Transfer Services
  • ACH Services

Treasury Management Banking allows you to manage virtually every aspect of your account securely from your computer. There is no additional software to load or hardware compatibility issues to worry about. Simply go to our Treasury Management Banking site, login using your company ID, username and password provided to you and you will have access to one of the best online business banking programs in the financial market.

Treasury Management Banking Benefits:
  • View real-time account activity and balances
  • Easily transfer funds between accounts and loan payments
  • Pay bills online
  • Print and view checks that have posted
  • Process wires transfers, stop payments, ACH transactions
  • Access 24 hours a day seven days a week so it fits your schedule
At BankFlorida we realize financial losses due to check fraud and white-collar crime are a reality. To curb this activity we offer Positive Pay, an automated fraud detection tool that we feel is an integral part of business banking.

In its simplest form, Positive Pay is a check monitoring service that matches account number, check number and dollar amount of each check presented for payment against a list of checks previously authorized and issued by the company. All these components of the check must match, or it will not pay without the approval of you, the client.

Additionally, Positive Pay provides an increased level of security for your account at our teller line. Before cashing checks against your account, our teller systems will compare presented items to your most recent Positive Pay file. This will reduce the likelihood of unauthorized checks being cashed against your account.

The benefits to our Positive Pay clients are:
  • Peace of mind by reducing fraud exposure
  • Cost justification is realized with just one fraud detection
  • Check imaging software allowing clients to view exception items
  • Works with most accounting systems and spreadsheet applications
  • Suitable for any size business or organization
  • Automated emails of presented items that do not match Positive Pay file
  • Online management of unmatched items enabling pay/return decisions
Wire Transfers are an integral part of the daily operations for most businesses and many times these wires must be expedited. To facilitate this ever-growing business need we offer our world-class online wire transfer system, a must-have for our business clients.

This fast, easy and secure service gives you access to your own secure online account. Simply submit your wire transfers via the BankFlorida online wire module and within minutes an email notification is sent to BankFlorida. Once the information is verified as complete, it is released, and a Federal Reserve tracking number is emailed to you. This streamlined process allows for your wire to be processed within minutes.

  • Fast, easy & secure online entry
  • Cutoff for same-day processing is 4:30 p.m.
  • All wires sent out within minutes
  • Confirmation emails with tracking number sent to you (as requested)
  • Ability to create and save recurring wire templates
Running the day-to-day operations of a business is time consuming, including the time it takes to process payments to or from your employees, vendors, or customers. BankFlorida ACH processing is convenient, fast, and more cost effective than conventional payment methods (ex. Paper check, wire). Allowing you to make your payments more efficiently, while saving your business time.

  • Appreciation from vendors and employees due to availability of funds
  • Reconciliation of checks eliminated
  • Simplification of accounts payable and payroll by the need to submit only one file
  • Reduces your chance of losses due to check fraud
  • Effortless uploading of your ACH files